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시장 Mayor

공보담당관 Public Information Officer


부시장 Deputy Mayor

감사담당관 Audit&Inspection Officer

에너지담당관 Director for Energy Affairs Division


자치행정국 Local Administration Bureau

  • 행정지원과 Administration Support Division
  • 기획예산과 Division of Planning & Budget
  • 회계과 Division of Accounting
  • 세무과 Division of Tax Affairs
  • 시민납세과 Tax Payment Division
  • 열린민원과 General Civil Affairs Service
  • 교육지원과 Education Support Division
  • 정보통신과 Information & Communication Division

경제항만혁신국 General of Economy, Port and Innovation Bureau

  • 지역경제과 Division of Local Economy
  • 산업혁신과 Industry Innovation Division
  • 일자리창출과 Job Creation Division
  • 항만해양과 Port & Maritime Affairs Division
  • 수산진흥과 Fisheries Promotion Division
  • 산림녹지과 Division of Forest & Greenery
  • 환경정책과 Environmental Policy Division
  • 자원순환과 Division of Resource Recirculation

복지관광국 General of Welfare and Tourism Bureau

  • 주민생활지원과 Division of Livelihood Support
  • 복지지원과 Division of Welfare Support
  • 아동청소년과 Children & Youth Division
  • 여성가족과 Women & Family Affairs Division
  • 위생행정과 Hygiene Administartion Division
  • 문화예술과 Culture & Arts Division
  • 관광진흥과 Division of Tourism Promotion
  • 체육진흥과 Division of Sports Promotion

안전건설국 Director General of Safety and Construction Bureau

  • 안전총괄과 General Safety Management Division
  • 도시계획과 Division of Urban Planning
  • 건설과 Division of Road Construction
  • 도시재생과 Urban Regeneration Division
  • 주택행정과 Housing Administration Division
  • 건축경관과 Architecture and Landscape Division
  • 교통행정과 Division of Transportation
  • 토지정보과 Division of Land Information

보건소 Public Health Center

  • 보건사업과 Public Health Project Division
  • 건강관리과 Health Management Division

농업기술센터 Agricultural Technology Center

  • 농업축산과 Livestock & Agriculture Division
  • 농촌지원과 Rural Support Division
  • 기술보급과 Technology Transfer Division
  • 농산물유통과 Agricultural Product Distribution Division

수도사업소 Waterworks Center

  • 수도과 Division of Waterworks
  • 하수과 Division of Sewage

시설관리사업소 Facility Management Center

  • 예술의전당관리과 Arts Center Management Division
  • 시립도서관관리과 Municipal Library Management Division
  • 박물관관리과 Museum Management Division

차량등록사업소 Vehicle Registration Office